A7 Product Examples

These are A7 products currently deployed

MOSIPS Secure Compute Enclave

MOSIPS (Modular Secure IPS) offers physical security, (GSA Approved), High Performance computing with 742 GFLOPS of compute power for each of eight workstations (Total 5936) and very high speed Solid State drives +7000MB/sec read write allowing local applications to render massive imagery files quickly and efficiently. This product offers Edge Compute capability with the physical security component as part of the package.

MOSIPS Rear view (cable management)

The Mosips system has an integrated cable track to allow the rack to be pulled in and out of the security enclosure without problems.

5G private networks for difficult to reach areas

A7technology is currently investing resources and research into ways of leveraging the technology of 5G to solve real world communications problems.  This is just one more application that has plenty of room to add a simpler easier approach.